In the spring of 1996, I was contacted by Digital Domain as they were ramping up for a film by James Cameron about the Titanic. I remember coming home to a message on my machine from the Crew Chief of the model shop asking if I would be interested in working on a crew of model builders for a film by James Cameron about the Titanic. At that point I had dabbled with some of the digital software available at that time, but had tons of experience from the time I was a child, building and painting miniature models with lots of detail.


I had arrived in California a year prior and got to work sending out portfolios and resumes, and following up with phone calls. After a long period of no responses I took a break. Then out of the blue I got this message on my machine. As I listened to the message I remember thinking to myself, "Another movie about the Titanic? Hasn't that been done over and over? Who is going to go see this film?" Thankfully I decided it was probably a good idea to work on anything Digital Domain was working on. After all they are one of the premier effects houses in Hollywood, and James Cameron was certainly not going to do anything small.  I made some good friends, some of which remain as colleagues and acquaintances to this day.


I had a great time working on this project, and being part of building some amazing models. The photos to the left were taken at various stages of model completeness. Click on the images, have a look, and enjoy this look behind the scenes of work at the Digital Domain model shop for this film.




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